A Role Play based on gods demons titans and of course lovable humans
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 Reaper the creator

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PostSubject: Reaper the creator   Thu Jul 16, 2009 4:03 am

Name: Reaper
Age: beyond time
Species: (god,demon,titan,human) God
Rank: (gods:Demi/main; demon:minor/greater; titan:demi/main; human: newborn,student,hero,true hero. must start as Human newborn unless told otherwise by an admin) Main
Appearance: (avi is fine) avi
Skills:(can be a job or an attribute) good at creating objects
History: not much created the world and decided to create Humans Demons Titans and Gods to inhabit the world also lazy sometimes.
:Attributes: (1-10 can have one 9-10 the rest must be 1-7)
strength: 7
speed: 6
endurance: 7
will: 5
wisdom: 10
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Reaper the creator
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